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  Che's first thoughts on the Cuban Revolution

In December 1958, in the final weeks before victory, Che wrote an article entitled "What we have learned and what we have taught" which was published on 1st January 1959 in Patria, official organ of the Rebel Army in Las Villas Province. These are the most interesting parts.


The road has been long and full of hardships and contradictions. In the course of every revolutionary process that is led honestly and not held back by those in positions of responsibility, there are series of reciprocal interactions between the leaders and the revolutionary masses...


...Indeed, our contact with the peasant masses has taught us the great injustice that the current system of agrarian property relations entails. The peasants convinced us of the justice of a fundamental change in this property system. They enlightened us in daily practice about the Cuban peasant?s capacity for self-sacrifice and their unbounded nobility and loyalty.


But we have also taught. We have taught how to lose all fear of the enemy?s repression. We have taught that weapons in the hands of the people are superior to mercenary battalions. We have taught, in short, the popular maxim that can never be repeated enough: in unity there is strength...


...On this second anniversary (of the beginning of the armed struggle against Batista regime), we are changing the formulation of our pledge. We will no longer ?be free of be martyrs?. We WILL be free ? free by the action of the entire people of Cuba, who are breaking chain after chain with the blood and suffering of their best sons and daughters.


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