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On 21st November 1965 after been in Congo for almost six months, Che leaves again for Tanzania. He stays there for several weeks undercover and then, in the last days of December that year, he travels to a country in Eastern Europe. He also stays in this place undercover for several months. He then had the intention of traveling to Latin America to give his support to the struggle in this area.


On 20th July 1966 without going public, Che secretly returns to Cuba and prepares to leave later on for Bolivia with the aim of developing the revolutionary struggle there.


On 23rd October with a passport in the name of Luis Hernndez Glvez and physically transformed, Che leaves Cuba. He first arrives in Moscow and, from there, heads for Prague with an Uruguayan passport in the name of Ramn Bentez Fernndez.


He then travels by train to Vienna and, from there, with another identity -- in this case, with the passport of the alleged Uruguayan businessman Adolfo Mena Gonzlez -- he heads for Brazil and then to Bolivia On 3rd November 1966 Che arrives at La Paz, Bolivia. He has credentials given by the national information board of the Presidency of the Republic of Bolivia, which accredit him as a special envoy of the Organization of American States (OAS) to carry out a study on the economic and social relations in Bolivia's rural areas.


After having met several Cubans who had been in the Bolivian capital for some time and also making contact with members of the urban support network in La Paz, Che sets off for acahuaz, in the department of Santa Cruz.

On 7th November 1966 along with other Cubans, Che arrives at a farm in ancahuaz, some 255 kilometers from the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz and some 25 from Lagunillas. The farmhouse is some 100 meters from the ancahuaz River .


On 2nd January 1967 in the ceremony marking the 9th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution, held in Havana, Fidel Castro refers to Che when he points out in his speech:


"Our special message -- a warm message, because it comes from deep inside, from the affection born in the heat of our struggle -- our message, in whatever part of the world he may be, goes to Commander Ernesto Guevara and his comrades. The imperialists have killed Che many times in many places, but we anticipate that, any day now, where imperialism least expects it commander Ernesto Guevara will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, seasoned by war, a sound and well guerrilla fighter; and that some day we will again have very concrete news of Che."


In the Bolivian jungle, Che listens to what Fidel said and wrote in his diary the significance and emotion he felt for what the top leader of the Cuban Revolution had expressed.

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