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Che arrived in Moscow for an official visit on 22nd October 1960. His goal was to extend Soviet-Cuban relationship as well as extend the economic bonds between two allies. He stayed just over two weeks there. Apart from visiting the Lenin and Stalin museums and attending the performances of the Bolshoi Ballet, Che had talks with Khrushchev and Mikoyan, discussing mostly the election of John F. Kennedy for a US president and its possible effect on Cuba.


During his visit Che was mostly hosted by USSR officials, not being able to see the life on the streets and to talk to a common Soviet man. He also attended the Congress of 81 Communist and Workers Parties of the World, where he witnessed a ferocious struggle between Chinese and Soviets. The economic side of Che?s visit was quite successful. He wanted to sell 3 millions tons of sugar, which were first accepted then rejected by the US, and make up the loss. Soviets bought it all, although they divided it between some of the Congress? attendees.


On 7th November 1960 he was invited to attend the parade for the anniversary of the October Revolution from the platform in Moscow's Red Square. Later on, he would frequently rembember the excitement that he had felt in Red Square when the Soviets had applauded Cuba.


"It was perhaps one of the most exciting moments of our trip."


He left with his love for the fatherland of socialism intact.

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