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1963 - 1964

Che?s first visit to Africa was on 30th June 1963, when, as a representative of Cuba, he arrived in Algeria to attend celebrations on that country?s independence. He refered to the bonds that united two nations.


"We feel that the Cuban and Algerian people have the same aims. Your people and ours play in Africa and Latin America the role of forerunners in the struggle of other fraternal countries still under the colonialist yoke."


On 7th July 1963 in Algeria, Che took part in a seminar on economic planning. In his contribution, he declared that the future of the world was related to great technical innovations and that the youth today ought to persistently seek to follow that road.


Year and a half late,on 17th December 1964 after attending the UN General Assembly in New York, Che set off for Algeria for a second time, responding to an invitation made by that country's government. In an interview given to the Rvolution Africaine (African Revolution) weekly , he pointed out that "the liberation struggle cannot be only a defensive fight but also an offensive struggle against imperialism." On 23rd December 1964 in the halls of Algiers' Palace of the People, Che says a few words to a group of young Algerians.


"You can count on the support and militant enthusiasm of the Cuban Revolution, which will always be at Algeria's side in hard times, just as we also know that the Algerians will be at our side in those same moments."


Ben Bella, Algerian president at the time, and Che had a long discussion about progressive movements in Africa, especially Congo. He also met with some Congolese and liberation-movement leaders from Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau. Already an experienced revolutionary, Che realized straight away the drawbacks of these movements, one of them being centralized leadership.


From Algiers he went to Mali where a group of Sudanese terrorists had taken over the government. Soon after that visit Ernesto arrived in Brazzaville, Congo?s capital city, where he tried to persuade President Massemba about how convenient it was to align Congo behind Algeria. He also visited Guinea, Ghana and Dahomey (today's Benin) and lectured about his political ideas.

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