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On 27th August 1962 Che begins his second visit to the Soviet Union. It was preceded by joint agreement between Cuba and USSR of installing missiles on the island, which will turn to Cuban Missile Crisis some months later. He was welcomed by Leonid Brezhnev, a future leader of USSR, who sent him to Yalta to see Nikita Khrushchev. 


The discussion was taking place on the shore of the Black Sea. Che wanted to persuade the Russian leader to sign a public military treaty with Cuba, because transportation of the missiles to Cuba could have not be kept secret, but Khrushchev declined. The meeting finished with Khrushchev promising Che that, in case of an US attack, Russia will get involved in the war.


?The problem was not sending the missiles. They said the missiles were to protect Cuba?s independence from an American attack. But it would have been sufficient to have a solemn declaration by the Soviet State, saying that if US attacks Cuba it would be an attack on the Soviet Union. The piece of paper would have been important, thought of course the missiles were far more important than the piece of paper. We in Cuba wanted a public pact, because that nut Khrushchev took the decision together with only six members of the Cuban Communist Party leadership.?


Although Che did not yet mistrust the USSR, this visit was important because it started to question his undeniable love towards that state.

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