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Summer 1955

Still to date, the exact date of Fidel?s and Che?s first meeting is not known. What is indisputable is the effect it had on young Argentine:


"I met him on one of those cold Mexico nights, and I remember that our first argument had to do with international policy. A few hours later, on that same night -- past midnight -- I was already embarked on the future expedition?Fidel impressed me as an extraordinary man. He faced and resolved the most impossible things and I shared in his optimism."


On 26th July 1955 Ernesto took part in Mexico City in a meeting to commemorate the second anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Garrison (Santiago de Cuba, 1953). It was held at a park where a monument to memory of the Chapultepec children was being built. Fidel Castro, the attack leader, spoke at the meeting.


On 18th August 1955 Ernesto married his long-time Peruvian girlfriend Hilda Gadea in Tepozotln town, Mexico and went for the honeymoon in south-east Mexico, where he explored the Mayan ruins.


In September 1955 Ernesto Guevara attended an allergy congress in Veracruz, Mexico. He presented his experiences in the treatment of allergic patients using semidigested food With a group led by Doctor Len Bessudo, he climbed the Popocatepetl Volcano. He wanted to plant in the volcano's crater a small Argentine flag.


Fidel?s influence slowly grew in Ernesto?s and it was at this period that he had decided to take an active role in coming armed struggle in Cuba. He joined the Cubans in preparations for war.


On 15th February 1956 his first daughter, Hilda Beatriz Guevara Gadea, is born in Mexico. He could have registered her as Argentinean or Peruvian, in correspondence with his or the girls's mother's citizenship. However, they agree to register her as Mexican to pay homage to the country which had welcomed them in the hard times they both were living.

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